This Is Where I Leave You

This is Where I Leave You is a dramatic comedy based on the best-selling novel penned by Jonathan Tropper. It is about death in a dysfunctional family. After the death of their father, the Altman family is brought together to spend the week in their mother’s home where they must reconnect. The family has to observe Shiva for seven days in respect for the deceased father of the family. They reluctantly discover through secrets revealed and conflicts finally confronted, that they are in need of help with love, life and themselves.

Family matriarch Hilary is a child psychologist who has been humiliating her children which includes detailing their childhood development in her best-selling book. Her daughter Wendy is married with children and not happy with her life, Paul the oldest son stayed around to manage the family business; Phillip is the youngest and is the baby of the family and literally grown up with still acting up like the baby of the family.
Judd is the middle child; a radio producer whose married life is shattered when he found out his wife Abigail is having an affair.

The movie is character driven; it has a simple plot yet it is complex with complex characters. It is thought provoking which makes you laugh and sad at the same time. I like the part where they found two joints in the deceased father’s jacket and proceeded to smoke it in one of the school classrooms while the services were going on in the temple. The acting is great specially Jane Fonda.

The movie is star studded with Jane Fonda as the matriarch Hilary, Tina Fey as Wendy, Corey Stroll as Paul and Adam Driver as Phillip, Jason Bateman as Judd. Directed by Shawn Levy.

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