What Exciting Things Are Happening in the World of Marvel Video Gaming?

The creative powerhouse that is Marvel appears to have no limits whatsoever. The firm has taken characters from vintage comic books and transformed them into deities of the contemporary entertainment industry. There are movies that gross hundreds of millions of dollars, there are toys and costumes that are popular, there are spin-offs of television shows, and there are new comic books that are garnering more attention than they would have ten or twenty years ago. However, if there is one area in which Marvel has failed to impress, it is with regard to the video game industry.

That in no way negates the fact that, throughout the years, there have been games of exceptionally high quality. The mobile market is where Marvel has found the most success, but the company has released the occasional console game that has been well appreciated. They have also been successful in a number of initiatives involving collaboration, such as working with LEGO on its adventure franchise or cooperating with Capcom on the development of fighting games. In contrast to the seemingly unstoppable success that Marvel enjoys in the film industry, the gaming division of the company has not been very successful up to this point.

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It’s possible that won’t remain the situation for much longer. In the world of video games, Marvel is undergoing some transitions at the moment. The following are few that are noteworthy:

To begin, it would appear that Marvel is devoting a considerable amount of resources to the mobile games. This is clear not only because the games continue to be popular, but also because they continue to be updated with remarkable regularity. Both of these factors contribute to the games’ continued success. The fighting game Contest of Champions just recently ended up a month of focusing on the Guardians of the Galaxy and released a new character named Carnage. This was done to play into fans’ interest in Spider-Man stories moving into the summer season. It is all very meticulously planned out, with the Guardians’ month coinciding with the premiere of the new film, and the new Carnage debut going up to the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming in July. Both of these events will be released in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There is no reason why Marvel shouldn’t continue to use mobile games as a form of marketing for their more ambitious projects; they are already doing so.

While Marvel is working to improve their mobile content, it appears that other aspects of their game company are being phased out, or at least there are indications that this may be the case. The corporation has been significantly involved in online casino sites for many years, providing character licenses to random number slot machine developers so that they can create material that is entertaining and engaging. Playtech, which is responsible for numerous of the Marvel titles, will be moving on from the superhero slots and surrendering its rights to the licenses, as was recently disclosed. Playtech is responsible for several of the Marvel titles. However, this does not always mean that the Marvel slots will be removed. The games could be remade by a different developer, or a new one could take over their development entirely. It would appear that Marvel is willing to give up some control over this facet of the game industry at least to some extent.

There is no way to know for sure, but one has to question if at least some of this may be attributed to the company’s recent decision to place a renewed emphasis on console gaming. This is likely the most significant and exciting move in the company’s gaming strategy to date. The previous year, Marvel made the promise that they will redouble their efforts to create high-end console games, and only lately, they showed that they meant to make good on that announcement. At the E3 presentation, a new Spider-Man game that would be available for the PS4 was announced, and the Telltale game based on Guardians of the Galaxy has been a huge hit. Fans should be enthusiastic about the future because the Spider-Man game signals a daring new step that should be taken in the franchise, but Marvel has been tight-lipped about what other projects might be in the works. There have been over 7500 visits this month alone.

If there is one thing that can be said with absolute certainty, it is that it will be a great deal of joy to observe what the company performs in the years to come.